John Henley

In sales leadership for more than 30 years and owner of his own company for more than 10 years. Recent revenue growth has come from making some discoveries about how Mission, Values and Vision, fit with the concept of Talent. John loves to share his insights on how to combine Talent with Purpose, to produce Engagement and Growth. Ask him about the Growth Formula.


With almost three decades of sales experience, John helps B2B organizations prosper. In his role as a managing partner at The Center for Sales Strategy, he’s responsible for hiring and developing professional staff and making strategic decisions about how to deploy the team to best meet client needs.

John joined the company in 1996, became a partner in 2008 and assumed his current post in 2015. Helping clients using a formula of Talent + Training + Tactics = Sales Performance, it’s his responsibility to equip the professional staff in each of these areas. He adeptly brings them to life so salespeople can increase their performance.

Before joining the company, John was a client of the organization for nine years. During that time, his operation was used as the beta site within the group for testing new ideas and concepts — many of which were conceived, honed and pioneered by John himself.

Professional Experience

Managing Partner, The Center for Sales Strategy

General Sales Manager, NewCity Communications


Central Michigan University

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